Concept Store

An innovating concept where fashion, art and creativity come together… a space that Luxury Avenue Cancún dedicates to highlight the best of fashion design in Mexico and Latin America. The Concept Store sets trends with its one of a kind products and contains novelty pieces, exclusive designs and limited editions of the highest quality. A careful selection prêt-à-porter by recognized designers, accessories made by well-established Latin American brands, and new proposals by emerging artists.


Discover the most outstanding designers, who they are, what they think and their most representative designs. Find them at the Luxury Avenue Concept Store.

Get inspired by the collections and unique designs of both Mexican and international artists. Dare to feel the elegance and let your emotions guide you. The Luxury Avenue Concept Store gathers Mexican and Latin American icons of fashion and reveals their most recent collections to you.

David Salomón, Lydia Lavín, Vero Díaz, Pink Magnolia, Erica Flores, Pepa Pombo, Atelier Folk, Llena Eres de Gracia.


Elegant, extravagant, but overall unique… The Luxury Avenue Concept Store has the most stunning pieces by the best designers.

Allow yourself to be seduced by the most astounding accessories, made by internationally recognized artists. It’s time to let out the elegance and glamour inside you. Discover our wide selection of items at the Luxury Avenue Concept Store.

Heartink, Lola Bassó, Luma, Otomí, Basbag, Daniela Bustos Maya, Muska, Morena Corazón, Mishky, District Eyewear, and many more.


We are preparing something wonderful for you to experience Latin American fashion, art and design through your computer or mobile device.